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Y6 Call for an Election

As you may have heard, two baby rabbits have been bought by the Children's Council. As school we are still trying to decide on their names.


Yesterday, the Y6 pupils asked me to help them run a 'Rabbelection' in the style of the General Election in order to decide the names democratically. I also secretly think they want the chance to experience voting - the grown-up way! Community input is also important to the children so there will be an online vote for every adult we have a mobile phone number for.


Today during breakfast they secured the plans. This is what will happen this week:


1. Children's Council members will get suggested bunny names to Mrs Lakey by 3pm on Wednesday. 

2. Y6 children will prepare the ballot papers and the App Development Team will set up an online voting system using SurveyMonkey.

3. Mrs Fawell will text parents the link to the online voting form on Thursday.

4. During lunch on Friday children will be asked to visit the Polling Station to make their confidential vote. 

5. At 1:50pm on Friday the names will be announced by the Y6 pupils. 


Pleease support the children by using the online vote by 11am on Friday. Thank you. 


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