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Year 3's have been mastering their gymnastic skills. Last lesson they learnt three rolls, forward, pencil and teddy bear roll. They all tried really hard and never gave up! Well done Year 3! Gymnasts in the making!



In OOA the children have explored the sensory garden. We collected twigs and other natural materials to create our own game of noughts and crosses. It was great fun being able to have using nature around us.

We then went on to work in teams on a scavenger hunt around the playground. Mrs Stanwix gave each team a map and left clues around the playground to complete our final task. It was to find something around the area which was natural and use our imagination to think of another way it could be used. We found leaves that we thought could be a fan, sticks to be used as walking sticks, pebbles that could be a football for a ladybird and so many other wonderful ideas.

Quick Cricket


In Summer 1, the year 3's and 4's learnt all about Quick Cricket. They learnt how to bowl, bat and field. It was lots of fun playing friendly games within the classes. The children showed so much resilience and determination to get a winning run!



In Summer 2 the year 3's and 4's had basketball lessons. They have learnt lots of Basketball skills, The children were all amazing and really put in 100% effort throughout all the sessions. They have developed their basketball skills so much as well as increasing their teamwork skills and resilience.



The year 5’s have been enjoying their gymnastic lessons during PE. They recently had the challenge to create a symmetrical piece with a partner or small group that must include a roll, balance, travel and jump. 

The children worked so well together! It was a pleasure to see them helping each other and being so patient and kind. 

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