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St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School

"To be the best we can be"

The school opens at 8:15am for breakfast club, last entry is 8:30am. Children need to enter school at 8:45am ready to start lessons at 8:55am. Y3/4 enter via the side gate, Y5/6 by the main entrance. Please check the Key Information tab on a regular basis for updated risk assessments. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Lakey.


Hello, we are Green Team!


We are a kind and caring group of people that consist of Year 3s and 4s, with a few Year 5s and 6s.


To help our school community, our key Christian Values are the following: hope, wisdom, thankfulness and respect. Sometimes we may get a little competitive but it's all in good fun! Although we are a small group of people, we make a big impact on this school. We work hard to achieve our very best, we enjoy the challenges that we take part in and have a love of learning.


They both work very hard to ensure Green Team achieve their best.     

Thank you for reading about the fantastic Greens!

Green Team

Green Team's Emblem

16 March 2020

In our House Team time we created a house emblem to show our values and beliefs.


These are the types of ideas we came up with:

Jack H – I drew a swing because we all have our ups and downs but we overcome them.

Maddie S – I drew a playground because we all have fun when we are together.

Ryan-Lee – I drew a trophy because we are competitive.

Aston S – I drew a lightbulb because we always have good ideas

Owen S – I drew God’s hands reaching down to help us because we all believe in him.

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