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Art and Design

In Art and Design we promote spiritual development by:


  • Children’s work is celebrated throughout the school on displays, in galleries and in weekly newsletters such as local newsletter Newton News and St Clare’s church. 
  • Children are encouraged to work independently, taking inspiration from chosen source material and choosing and exploring mediums.  
  • Children are encouraged to experiment with different techniques and mediums in an expressive manner using a variety of tools. 
  • Art lessons develop the children’s aesthetic appreciation through oral and visual expression, opinions and viewpoints are encouraged. 
  • Self-reflection is naturally part of the artistic process allowing children to develop their ideas further. This is ongoing in each session 
  • Children are encouraged to explore their own personalities through their artwork, capturing individuality.  
  • Capture stories, emotions and feelings in their work with key influences from the greats. 
  • Imagination and observations are used as starting points throughout the school.  
  • Encourage independent thinking that will enable children to develop their ideas and intentions and express these in an appropriate manner. (British Value: Individual Liberty)
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