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Mrs. Wilkinson's retirement: We are having a celebratory Glitz and Glamour FUN THURSDAY (22nd) to mark Mrs. Wilkinson's time here at St. Francis. Children can wear bright and sparkly clothes to celebrate as a St. Francis family (bubbled) with Mrs. Wilkinson. No coloured hair please.

Activity 2 - Research Challenge

Activity 2 - Research Challenge


Watch the three video clips below. They each show a tour of three English Universities - The University of Nottingham, The University of Sheffield and "Christ Church" which is one of the colleges at Oxford University.

Whilst watching and navigating the tours, answer the following questions:  


1. Can you find 3 similarities between these three campuses?  


2. Can you find 3 differences between these three campuses?  


3. Which campus would you most like to live on and why? 


Task 1 - At the University of Sheffield, find 3 courses that you can study that you hadn’t heard of before. Write a short description of how you would describe each of these courses to a friend.  




Task 2 - At the University of Bristol’s Student Union, find 5 societies (clubs) that you would like to join. Write a short description explaining why you would like to join these societies.




Task 3 - At the University of Cambridge, find out how many there are of the following:  

  • Number of students _________________________________________ 

  • Number of different colleges ________________________________ 

  • Number of departments_____________________________________  




Task 4 - Watch the University of Edinburgh Students’ Association volunteering video. Which one of the volunteering activities that they mentioned would you like to be involved in, and why? 



Task 5 - Write down three questions that you would like to ask a university student about their experiences at university.