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AFTERNOON EVERYONE! There will be a whole school letter coming out TODAY 17TH SEPTEMBER with information regarding arrangements in school (PE,Lunches, Breakfast routines etc) SCHOOL REMAINS OPEN TO ALL Thank you MrsW

Positive Futures Worker

Miss Mason is our Positive Futures Worker at St. Francis. Miss Mason’s role is to provide support for children and families. This involves building up children’s confidence and resilience to allow them to become the best they can be, improving attendance in school and working with families to provide the best possible outcomes for their children. Miss Mason will be available to speak to every morning and afternoon at the school gate. Alternatively, Miss Mason will be happy to meet with any parents/carers to discuss any concerns they may have.


Attendance - Miss Mason is responsible for improving school attendance. She will work closely with families to make sure that any issues that could be contributing to declining attendance are addressed and resolved. Miss Mason will work with parents to make sure that low attendance can be overcome. 


Safeguarding – Miss Mason is also part of the school safeguarding team. She will work in collaboration with families to address any safeguarding concerns, as well as collaborating with any external agencies.


Emotional well being - Miss Mason is passionate about building confidence and resilience, in order to allow your children to reach their best potential and get the most out of their time at St. Francis. Miss Mason will offer in class support to your children, to overcome any barriers to learning, as well as out of class, 1:1 support for children struggling emotionally. Miss Mason's 1:1 sessions with your children could include the following:

  • Art therapy
  • Play/Lego therapy
  • Understanding the physiology of emotions
  • Managing anger & anger coping mechanisms
  • Mindfulness and progressive muscle relaxation
  • Goal and target setting
  • Managing anxiety and worry
  • Behaviour management/expectations


Family Support – Miss Mason will work together with families to identify and overcome any barriers to their children’s learning. This could involve support around attendance and school refusal, behaviour, and supporting families who are dealing with significant times of change in their lives. Miss Mason will be happy to signpost you to local agencies/services that could offer further advice/help.


Miss Mason will also run coffee afternoons, to give parents/carers the opportunity to get together and raise any concerns they have. This will often involve Miss Mason inviting a leading professional in their field (e.g. SEN support, Autism Society) to provide additional guidance for families.

Helpful links for families - Miss Mason has provided links to the following websites/guides for families which could offer useful advice and support.