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"Let your light shine bright"

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We promote social and emotional development in French by...


  • Appreciate beauty of nature in France, art and music. Human beauty of language. (British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Ongoing work in phonics and grammar.
  • Retrieval work and independence with resources.
  • Games and activities, e.g. crosswords, quizzes, matchings games, Bingo, apples and pears, heads, shoulders, knees and toes.
  • Singing and playing games in class. (British Value: Rule of Law and Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Tolerance of differences: Les Cloches Volantes (Where do easter eggs come from?). Secularism in schools. Weather and climate in France. Art appreciation Monet Matisse. Hot air balloons (French invention). Architecture. (British Value: Tolerance, Mutual Respect and Individaul Liberty)

We promote moral development in French by...


  • Building an independent respect of different cultures. Listening to different opinions. Different traditions. (British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Taking turns listening to one another. (British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Resilience in learning. Civic responsibility In France - Family values. (British Value: Mutual Respect)
  • Justice – Other countries have different laws (British Value: Democracy and Rule of Law)
  • Link to asylum seekers. Occupation in WW2 & Evacuees (British Value: Individual Liberty)
  • Child surveys- likes and dislikes (British Value: Democracy)
  • Feelings - parity and equably in learning. Ability and acceptance of mistakes (British Value: Individual liberty)
  • Appreciate different cultural perspectives Ask and give opinions in topics. (British Value: Individual Liberty)
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