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We promote social and emotional development in Computing by...


  • Group work - Providing opportunities to work collaboratively developing respect for others ideas and opinions of others. Mutual Respect and Tolerance
  • Children can use computing as a way to express themselves and to communicate ideas. Individual Liberty
  • Children produce work that reflects the needs of different audiences within our community. Collaboration across the school - older children supporting the younger years within computing (Pre/Post Covid). (British Values: Mutual Respect and Tolerance individual Liberty)
  • Peer and self-reflection embedded into lessons. (British Values: Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Participate in annual events such as National Computing Week, Safer Internet Day, Anti-Bullying Week.
  • Links through digital media services and through collaborations and competitions with other schools and communities.
  • By discussing the impact of ICT on the ways people communicate and helping children express themselves clearly. (British Values: Mutual Respect and Tolerance Individual Liberty)

We promote moral development in Computing by...


  • Teaching the importance of online safety. This is covered in each year group. (British Value: Rule of Law)
  • To have time to reflect and debate on the possible consequences of different actions and situations e.g. violent computer games, access to the Internet. (British Value: Democracy and Individual Liberty)
  • Participate in annual events such as National Computing Week, Safer Internet Day, Anti-Bullying Week (British Value: Individual Liberty, Mutual Respect and Tolerance, Rule of Law, Democracy)
  • Ensuring the children have the knowledge and tools to report any instances of bullying, cyber-bullying and online safety issues. (British Value: Rule of Law)
  • Children are encouraged to reflect on the use of social media. (British Value: Individual Liberty)
  • Exploring the moral issues around data and sharing information and access to personal data. (British Value: Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • By creating an awareness of; encouraging respect for and developing a tolerance of other people's views and opinions. (British Value: Individual Liberty)
  • Develop the understanding of moral aspects of developments on technology such as speed cameras, AI, data/device tracking & CCTV.
  • Manipulation of images by both companies and celebrities.
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