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Behaviour and Rewards

Behaviour expectations at St Francis' are more than 'being good.' A lot of learning activities require teamwork and children need to learn to work effectively with a wide range of people. This is a skill they will need for life. 


The whole staffing team expect pupils to: 

  • Come to school on time and ready to learn.
  • Be polite.
  • Be considerate of others rights and show responsibility in letting others achieve these e.g. the right to learn. 
  • Be ready to learn...we do not accept passive participation in lessons, all children are encouraged to 'be the best they can be.'
  • Be willing to fail. Fail is the First Attempt In Learning. Children / adults who do not have the courage to fail, do not learn as much. It is in learning from mistakes that the skill is embedded. 
  • Try.
  • Accept that anyone can be an expert, indeed a friend who as mastered the skill can help just as well as a teacher and sometimes better than a teacher!
  • Aim to be a little bit better than yesterday.
  • Be open to developing their independent behaviours for learning and growth mind-set.
  • Safeguard the school population by following the rules. 
  • Admit when they made a mistake and correct it using our restorative justice approach. 
  • Learn about and use Christian Values to help them 'be the best they can be.'
"I found boys were delightful in class, contributing well to lessons and displaying impeccable manners. These positive attitudes to their learning are reflected in their good progress." (Ofsted, 2019)
"The pupils I met were thoughtful and perceptive about the quality of their education." (Ofsted, 2019)


House Points 


Children are allocated a house team when they start at St Francis'. We try to keep family groups together as much as possible. House Teams work together to gain the most house points and we share weekly totals in the Achievement Assembly. At the end of the term we have a winners the past some of these have involved Dance Mats, Circus Skills, Crazy Creatures and Mad Science. 


Children earn house points for so may different reasons around school including work, manners, helping others, politeness and healthy choices. 




For some achievements, children may be sent to share their success with the Senior Leadership Team. Children receive stickers that also hold a team point value. Stickers are also given by teachers for achievements including showing a growth mind-set. 


We love stickers!

Outstanding Pupils


As a staff we wanted to celebrate those pupils who always try their best and help to make the school the fantastic place it is. We wanted this to be a child led award so recruited the School Council.


The School Council devised the criteria for pupils to nominate themselves as outstanding pupils each half-term. As School Leaders we then helped them agree that Outstanding Pupils did not have to be perfect, but as all human beings do, they can make a mistake and work to put it right. 


At the end of each half-term pupils in their house teams (classes during Coronavirus) nominate themselves as an outstanding pupil if they believe they fit the criteria below. Pupils who are outstanding receive a badge designed by the pupils, a laminated credit card and their photograph is displayed in the school hall. The credit cards are a token towards a purchase from Miss Mason's Shop. Pupils can spend their token that half-term or save them up for a more expensive purchase. 


To nominate yourself to be an outstanding pupil you need to: 

  • Respect the Rights of others

  • Show our key Christian Values of hope, wisdom, trust and thankfulness

  • Complete homework tasks

  • Take part in lessons and think about what is being taught

  • Bring the correct equipment into school


We are frequently asked what the limit is each half-term for Outstanding Pupils....Is it the top 5%, 10%?  Following on from our ethos of being 'the best you can be,' we have no limit. 100% of the school could be outstanding pupils should they meet the criteria! Our point is that every child showing these qualities deserves the award and recognition for the part they play in our St Francis' family.  

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