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Our latest Ofsted report has been punblished please follow the link in Key Informtion / Ofsted and Performance Click on NEWS above (NEWSLETTERS below on phones) for the latest updates from school including what we have been learning, achievements, routines and dates for your diary. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Lakey and your St Francis' family.



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The children worked hard learning the feature of a letter. They have gone onto plan and compose a letter to send to the year 2’s, our future St. Francis’ family. They have included all the features needed to write a successful letter. The children have written about what life is like at St. Francis and talked about why St. Francis is the place to be! 


Dear future member of St. Francis Junior School,  

              I am writing to you to inform you all about St. Francis Junior School. When you arrive, you will get a warm welcome and make lots of new friends. We are a happy school filled with kind and caring people.  


At our school, all pupils have a growth mindset and will give anything a try. We welcome mistakes as we understand that without these we would not learn. All of the staff members support us in all that we do, they are friendly, funny and fantastic. We have lots of different lessons at St. Francis’ but the teachers make sure we have fun lessons! They inspire and challenge us to be creative, ambitious and unique.  


We are given lots of opportunities at St. Francis’, this includes being a member of many groups or clubs. We have Eco Warriors, where we get to wear special green hoodies and educate others on being kinder to our planet, Mini Police who are tasked with ensuring a safe school environment and wider community to name a few. They all play an important role in providing a great start for us in our educations and give us skills to take with us as we move on. 

St. Francis’ is definitely the place to be and we can’t wait to welcome you to our family. soon.  


Yours Faithfully   

Year 4  

Brilliant Book Club!

We always look forward to our weekly book club. We get to listen to all the children read and further our learning with activities and games. The children also get time to go onto Lexia, a computer based program that is uniquely catered for the child’s level of reading and understanding. We love to read with the children at any chance we can get! 

Cool Calligrams! 

As part of our transition into Year 4, we have been reading Marcus Rashford's Breakfast Club Adventures. We are really enjoying it and can't wait to find out more about the secret club. We have noticed lots of ways the illustrator makes the book attract the audience. We spotted lots of Calligrams! A calligram is test arranges in such a way that it forms a related image. The children listened to a chapter and wrote down any words that sparked ideas for calligrams such as, stairs, shoot, hot and lots more. The children used their creativity and had such fun making the words look like the word. 


Sea Shanty.


The Year 6's started of their new school year with a bang! The class was introduced to 'Malamander' which will be our class novel here in 5/6. The children looked at the Wellerman song and discussed the 'Sea Shanty', the children were extremely thrilled and enthusiastic to listen and sing along to the Sea Shanty. They learnt what a harpoon was and linked it to the front cover of their book - a sea weapon that killed deadly creatures! They even composed their own Sea Shanty, we will record them singing them in due course. In the meantime, see your children having fun acting out the rhythm and singing along to the Wellerman song!

Year 5 have had a great start to the year too. They have also been introduced to their class novel, Malamander. They are too excited to start writing more about it. They have given predications to what they think will happen in the story. A great start to Year 6! 

The Egyptian Cinderella


We have been reading The Egyptian Cinderella, by Shirley Climo, in Year 3 and 4 this half term. It is a lovely adaptation of a well known classic.

Rhodopis is a slave from the far-off country of Greece. Only the beautiful rose-red slippers her master gives her can make her smile. When the slipper falls in the possession of the Pharaoh himself, he promises to find the slipper's owner and make her the queen of all Egypt.

We spent some time this week sequencing the story on a Story mountain. This helped us identify the opening of the story, the dilemma and the resolution to this story.

We have some amazing lessons planned around this book. Watch this space for more on The Egyptian Cinderella.

Letters to the Lighthouse


In Year 6, during Autumn term, we have been enjoying reading our class novel ‘Letters to the Lighthouse’. The children wrote fantastic recounts and learnt how to edit their work to make it become a higher standard.

We are all so impressed with their writing and creativity. We can’t wait to see them develop further.

Class Novel.


At the start of Year 3 they have been reading and writing about the Roald Dahl's BFG. The children have worked hard on their character descriptions of the BFG, describing him as a gargantuan giant with a crooked nose and a booming voice, we focused on 2A sentences,


Teni wrote, The scary, crooked nosed BFG snatched poor, little Sophie.

Maizie-Rae wrote, The scruffy, grey giant ran down the dark, silent street.

Ben wrote, The old, towering giant took poor, sleepy Sophie to his cave.


What a fantastic start to our character descriptions. We have enjoyed listening to the story and can't wait to keep on improving our writing skills. 

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