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We promote cultural development in Science by...


  • Children learn about the contributions of scientists from a wide range of cultures. Science is also a contemporary activity and the developments are made all over the modem world. It is therefore an activity undertaken by a wide range of men and women in many different cultures both now and in the past. (British Values:  Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Children are encouraged to look at future prospects and how scientific skills will help them in their everyday lives and the wider world. Earth and Space - Year 5 Learning about the International Space Station and that it is a culmination of many different nationalities. In addition, learning about the different scientists (Copernicus - Prussian and Galileo - Italian) who held different opinions on the structure of the solar system. (British Values:  Mutual Respect and Tolerance)
  • Evolution and Inheritance - Year 6 Looking at how skin colour is a trait that is inherited from a child's parents. (British Values: Mutual Respect and Tolerance
  • Partnerships with Ogden and OASES Science/STEM sessions and workshops with Year 5.
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