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St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School

"To be the best we can be"

The school opens at 8:15am for breakfast club, last entry is 8:30am. Children need to enter school at 8:45am ready to start lessons at 8:55am. Y3/4 enter via the side gate, Y5/6 by the main entrance. Please check the Key Information tab on a regular basis for updated risk assessments. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Lakey.


At St. Francis' we have a book called a reading journal and every child gets one. You will take it home and you will have a reading book to take as well to read. When you read it, you ask the person listening to you to ask you questions. We have a question house we can use as a book mark to help people ask us questions. The person listening then needs to write in your reading journal, but you have to read four times a week. There are some tasks in the front of the journal that you have to do every week. Remember to get a carer to hear you read.  

Written by Hannah and Billy (Y4).

How can I help my child?

It is vital that children experience pleasure through learning and that is where you, as a parent or carer, can really help!! It is vital that you continue the "reading habit" and help children begin to not only decode the text but begin to ask questions about what is happening and why. Children can readily answer simple recall questions (eg what colour was the building, how long did the bus journey take ) but questions requiring them to think, imagine and empathise can be a little more problematic.

Being able to "infer" means you can look beyond the present and draw a conclusion based upon the knowledge you already is vital that children can do this effectively to be outstanding learners.
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