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Managing Our Emotions

Coping with our emotions - resources to use at home



The resources below can be used by parents at home to aid their children's understandings of their emotions and just how

powerful they are! Use the resources as a talking point, watch the videos with your children and discuss! Emotions affect us all in

different ways and being able to talk openly about our well being and the feelings we experience is vital. Keep checking back for more resources which we will upload to this section of the website. 


While We Can't Hug

A short video to help young children understand social distancing and think about other ways we can show friends and family that we love them.

The Huge Bag of Worries

Watching this video at home with your children can be really helpful to allow them to understand worries and anxieties we all have, and the impact they can have on us, emotionally. This video explores worries as something that we all experience, including children, parents and teachers. The video helps us to understand what happens when we ignore our worries and don't share them with people we trust. The video also helps us to learn how we can share our worries in the healthiest way to become and cope with our anxieties.

Inside Out Movie Clip - Get To Know Your Emotions

This clip from the "Inside Out" film helps children to understand the range of emotions we experience and how they can change and influence our behaviour.

Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions?

Simple, easy-to-understand animation to help early children gain an understanding of the way their brains work to recognise and manage their emotions.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings

Have you ever felt happiness, sadness, bravery, anger or shyness? Do you understand what it means to feel that way? Use this video at home with your children to help them understand the range of emotions we can experience, and how they can make us feel and change how we act.

Count, Breathe, Relax

In this video, the Count teaches Cookie Monster a calming mindfulness exercise to deal with powerful emotions like anger and distress.
1. Imagine a Birthday Cake!
2. Hold up your hand and pretend your fingers and thumb are candles on the birthday cake.
3. Count your fingers, and one at a time, blow them out as if you are blowing out the candles.

Activity packs - resources to boost well being & build resilience



See below our selection of St. Francis approved downloadable and FREE online resources to boost your child's emotional well being & happiness during lock down. These online resource packs contain work sheets, printable tool kits & instructions for activities which are especially designed to help children to better understand their feelings and emotions, cope with challenging situations in their life and come up with practical coping mechanisms for when they are feeling anxious or angry. 

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