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Computing is playing more and more of an everyday part of our children’s lives.  This is reflected at our school and Computing is woven throughout the curriculum.  The children are taught Computing skills in programming, coding, digital creativity, communication, research and a deeper understanding of how Computing is used in our lives.  We also focus on Online safety and, whilst this is taught through all aspects of the Computing curriculum, we also have a focus day each year in February to tie in with the national Safer Internet Day. 


To ensure effective teaching and learning, we have recently invested in a range of hardware and software:

  • 19 iPads to be used across the school
  • 70 Satellite Pro
  • 38 Lonovo Pro
  • Upgraded school wide wireless internet access
  • Microbits
  • Sensors
  • Recordable microphones

The nature of Computing means that we are continuously looking at how we can improve the outcomes for the children at the school. We aim to keep up to date with changes in technology, and ways in which it moves forward. 

In Autumn term, the children will; 


Year 3

  • Coding: design, write and debug programs
  • Computing: collect, analyse and evaluate information
  • Digital Literacy

Year 4

  • Coding: writing programs
  • computing: Microsoft Office and iPad app
  • typing skills and formatting work
  • Digital Literacy: safe internet use, publishing work online, connecting with the wider world

Year 5

  • Coding: Understand computer workings
  • computing: Communicate and collaborate

Year 6

  • Coding: Scratch/Kodu with variables
  • Computing : analyse, evaluate, select, combine software
  • Digital Literacy: be disconcerting when evaluating digital content
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