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Snowy Weather Pictures and Prizes

Md Renendu Day and his students have asked if we could send them some photographs and information about the snowy weather. In Bangladesh they have the hot, dry weather and Monsoon Season. They never see snow, hail and ice.

There are two catagories of photographs he would like:

                            Landscapes and Cityscapes

                              Playing in snow and snow creations

If you have any photographs you would like me to send to him you can either
                   e-mail them to
                   bring them into school on a memory stuck / SD card

Any writing, pictures or resports you would like to write can be brought in and given to Mrs Lakey to send off.

The top 5 photographs will recieve a snowy prize and will be judged in the Staff Meeting on
Monday 4th February 2013.

Thank you
Mrs Lakey

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