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St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School

"To be the best we can be"

We have a Bonfire Night theme day lunch on Friday 25 October. Menus are coming home tonight. Please can we have these sent back to school by this Friday. If your child normally has packed lunch and would like to join in, please complete the menu and let us know in the school office.

School Savings Scheme Launhed

Today Mr Rooke, the manager of Durham County Credit Union came into our awards assembly to tell us about how good it is to save money. He talked to us about our school bank. 

In the assembly we learnt that once we have picked the bank name, there will be a competition to design the logo. Mr Rooke promised that £10 will go into the winners account. He also said to help us get into the habit of saving money he will put £1 into our accounts every time we have saved some money for seven consecutive weeks.
He also spoke to our Mam’s and Dad’s about the loans they can get from the school bank to make sure they are not paying massive amounts of interest. Durham Credit Union is currently in 20 schools across County Durham.
The bank will begin after half term and we can bring our bank books in on a Tuesday to pay money into our accounts. Mrs Fitzpatrick is going to run the bank for the school and will be in every Tuesday to collect savings.