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AFTERNOON EVERYONE! There will be a whole school letter coming out TODAY 17TH SEPTEMBER with information regarding arrangements in school (PE,Lunches, Breakfast routines etc) SCHOOL REMAINS OPEN TO ALL Thank you MrsW

MP Phil Wilson hand delivers letters

Children in Y3/4LG enjoyed a visit, last Friday, from MP Phil Wilson who hand delivered replies to the letters they had sent him.

Children have been learning about where food comes from and enjoyed an very informative day at Broom House farm where they saw most of the process from lambs being born to appearing as meat in the farm shop. Children thought that the meat in the farm shop was great because all around the farm they could see that the animals were happy.  
During the following days they looked at meat packaging in their home and realised that they did not know anything about the animals they were eating.  This all coincided with the BBC Countryfile program discussion on labelling the slaughter method of meat products.  The class agreed with this idea and wrote to MP Phil Wilson to persuade him to speak to the Government about changing food labelling. 
During his visit MP Phil Wilson watched the children receive their awards in our assembly followed by an hour question and answer session in class. He not only replied to the children but taught them about politics, his career path and was keen to hear about what they have been learning in school.
He has passed on the children's thoughts to the Minister and will be getting in touch once he has a reply.