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Jessica-Marie lands the Mega Motion Double!

Last year Rosie won the Mega Motion story writing competition and we all had a medieval walk to school. 

This year we are very proud to announce that Jessica-Marie has won the 2013-2014 MEGA Motion story competition.  Jessica-Marie is really excited and happy to win.  Jessica-Marie told us about her story based on a real life event when a friends parent had offered to let Jessica-Marie ride a horse. 

"My story is about cowboys who came up to my door on horses.  I asked the cowboys if I could ride on their horses and they let me gallop to school on a silky, brown horse."

Jessica-Marie wrote and illustrated a story about a cowboy and will be recreating her story on Friday 6th June 2014.  Jessica will meet with the Mega Motion crew to organise the walk and we will keep you posted on what will be happening.

Well done Jessica-Marie!

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