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We will be returning to HOT MEALS on Monday. Please see the new risk assessment and if you would like your child to have a hot meal, please let the office know asap.

Chirping Eggs Rocking and Rolling Around

School was incredibly quiet today. The three Year 3/4 classes were working quietly as they did not want to disturb their new arrivals. During the lead up to Easter Y3/4 MA wrote letters to Mrs Wilkinson persuading her to get chicks for the three classes. Their persuasive phrases and fantastic Standard English was too much for Mrs Wilkinson to refuse. So today delivered ten eggs to each class. Staff were trained in how to care for the chicks and we are eagerly awaiting the hatching. Excitement erupted in Mrs Meldrum’s class at lunchtime as the first chick hatched. It then spent the afternoon shouting at the other eggs, asking them to hurry up! We think it might be feeling lonely. Mrs Lakey and Mrs Cooper’s class are eagerly awaiting the first hatching and are hoping it does not happen before nine o’clock in the morning! We will keep updating you as the chicks hatch and grow. Mrs Lakey