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We have now started the school Easter holidays. We will be back in on Tuesday 23rd April, breakfast club will be open as normal from 8:15am.

How do we support pupils when they are changing school?

Transition from another Primary / Infant School

We work in partnership with our local Infant/Primary schools to provide transition which is tailored to the child's individual needs. This may take the form of additional visits for pupils, one to one or small group working with Infant/Primary school staff or pupil mentoring from Infant/Primary schools.


Transition arrangements depend on may factors such as the time of year and the child's needs. Arrangements will be decided by the child's parents, SENDCo and where possible staff from the child's current school. This ensures a calm and secure transition between schools.


Children moving from Horndale Infants will have already experienced many shared activities between the schools such as performances, sports events, after school clubs and peer mentoring.

Transition within St Francis'

All children in St Francis' know all staff well. This means that transition from each year group is easier as children will already be familiar with their new teacher. Mixed year group classes give us the opportunity, if appropriate, for children to remain with the same teacher for two of their four years with us.


Children are placed in House Teams which are made up of family members and each have a nominated member of staff. Again this allows children to get to work with staff who may not be their class teacher.


Children spend half a day during July with their new class and Teacher.


Transition to Secondary Provision / Alternative Provision

We recognise how important a successful transition is to our pupils with additional needs. We work in partnership with our feeder secondary schools to provide an enhanced level of transition for those who we feel would benefit from this. This may take the form of additional visits for pupils, one to one / small group working with secondary school staff or pupil mentoring from secondary schools.


The period of transition depends on the individual needs of the pupil. If it is felt appropriate secondary school colleagues will attend Annual Reviews to meet the current class teacher, parents and most importantly the pupil. We have found this strategy particularly useful in easing any worries or concerns parents and pupils may have. We are particularly keen to involve parents/carers as much as possible in their child’s transition to secondary school. School staff will take opportunities to work alongside parents/carers to visit secondary schools in advance of secondary placement applications being submitted to the Local Authority. This ensures parents/carers can make the most informed placement decision for their child. When a secondary school has been allocated to the child, parents are fully involved and consulted at all stages of the transition process.


Transition from each Year Group is supported so that the children have met with their new teachers and are familiar with the new classroom environment and organisation.


At St Francis CofE (Aided) Junior School we have a flexible approach and additional visit opportunities or multi-agency meetings can be organised if required. Miss Sophie Mason (Social Learning Mentor) provides support for parents with transition concerns.