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We have a Bonfire Night theme day lunch on Friday 25 October. Menus are coming home tonight. Please can we have these sent back to school by this Friday. If your child normally has packed lunch and would like to join in, please complete the menu and let us know in the school office.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our St. Francis second hand uniform shop is officially up and running! All items of donated uniform have been prepared for resale and will be available for a suggested donation of 50p. Any proceeds made will go towards new playground equipment and toys for children who attend breakfast club. Please call in to our school office to see our shop!


We will still be accepting donations of uniform that is no longer needed/your child has outgrown.

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Second Hand Uniform Stock List

Here is our current second hand uniform shop stock. This will be regularly updated. Call into our school office if you are interested in any of the items you see listed. 


Boys School Trousers –

Age 6 -7 x 2

Age 13-14 x 3

Girls School Trousers –

Age 10-11

School Leggings -

Age 10 x 2

Girls School Skirts –

Age 6-7 black

Age 11 grey

Age 10-11 grey

Girls Dresses (Gingham) -

Age 7-8

Age 10-11

Red School Logo Jumpers –

30” x 5

St Francis Cardigan –


Size Small

St. Francis Fleece

No Size labelled

School Red Jumper –

Age 8

Age 12-13 x 4

Age 10

Age 9-10 x 3

Red Cardigan –

Age 10-11 x 2

Age 7

Girls white Polo shirts –

Age 10-11 x 5

Age 11-12

Age 9-10 x 5

White Polo shits -

Age 6-7 x 2

Age 7-8

Age 9-10

Age 11-12 x 3

Age 13-14

St. Francis Logo Polo shirt –

Age 13-14

Age 9-10

Age 7-8

White Shirt –

Age 7

P.E girls top –

Age 10 x 2

Age 9-10

Age 8-9

P.E top –

Age 12-13

Age 9-10

Age 5-6

Age 11-12

Red P.E top

Age 6-7 x 2

St. Francis logo P.E top –


P.E girls shorts –

Age 10 x 2