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IMPORTANT: ONLY critical worker and vulnerable children will be in school following the National Lockdown guidance. The rest of the pupils will receive remote learning on SeeSaw. Our Out of Hours Covid-19 reporting line is 07768 688785. Please check the Key Information tab on a regular basis for updated risk assessments. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Lakey.

School Lunches

Pudsey Lunch. Emma and Toni have worked very hard today and the children are excited to see their Pudsey cupcakes, salad and mini-bread!

September 2020 School Lunches


We will be reintroducing HOT school meals from Monday (28.09.2020).


  • Children that are already on school meals will be receiving a hot meal.
  • Children on home packed lunches will be able to change over to school meals from 05.10.2020.


If you would like your child to have a HOT school meal from 05.10.2020, please let the school office know by emailing The daily cost is £2.10 to be paid on Parent Pay (unless eligible for free school meals). Please ensure that all school meals are paid on a weekly basis to prevent a build up of debt.


Thank you.

School Lunch Menu

Our lunches at St Francis' are a pre-choice menu for all children wanting school dinners. This means that children pick what they want in advance for each of the rotating three weeks. This is then made for them by our school cooks. 


This change means that children NEED TO GIVE AT LEAST 7 DAYS' NOTICE to swap from packed lunches to dinner or vice-versa due to the ordering of ingredients. 


Should your child wish to change their lunchtime meal option, please feel free to contact the school office 01325 300236 or



Packed Lunches

Should your child wish to have a packed lunch, please read our packed lunch policy.