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IMPORTANT: ONLY critical worker and vulnerable children will be in school following the National Lockdown guidance. The rest of the pupils will receive remote learning on SeeSaw. Our Out of Hours Covid-19 reporting line is 07768 688785. Please check the Key Information tab on a regular basis for updated risk assessments. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Lakey.


Communication Questionnaire October 2018


Thank you to everyone who took the time to complete the two surveys on our App. We are working with parents to try and make sure that communication is effective, so that we can all ensure school runs smoothly and pupils can receive the best possible education. We value the work between school and home as we know, from past experience, that a close home/school partnership ensures children make the best progress in all areas of the curriculum and their own personal development. 


The responses have been really positive with 95% saying that school communicates effectively with them, parents evenings inform them of how their child is getting on, are satisfied with how they receive information and know what's happening in school. 


The results are as follows:


Background Communication Information


What you read

  • 69% read the Newton News 
  • 81% read the Northern Echo


How you communicate with friends and family?


  • 100% text and instant message
  • 100% use Twitter
  • 96% use Facebook
  • 85% watch videos online
  • 81% mainly use a mobile device to use the Internet
  • 69% use WhatsApp
  • Of the devices people mainly use
    • 77% use a mobile
    • 15% a Computer 
    • 8% a Tablet


Information from school


How you find out information from school?


We asked if you found out information from the range of communication sources we use.

100% Letters sent home

92% School App

89% Weekly Headteacher Newsletter

63% School website

58% Speaking to school staff


How informed you are?


95% know what is happening in school

95% are satisfied with how they currently receive information

95% believe school communicates effectively with them

95% believe parents evenings inform them of how their child is getting on

90% are aware of the efforts school makes to share information

84% are aware of the effort school makes to act on feedback

74% have linked the school website calendar



Firstly could I say a big thank you to those parents who have taken part in this years parental satisfaction survey. The results are very encouraging for the school, but we are always aware of the need to try and work harder to ensure that everyone feels happy and secure within the school community.


One area that does seem to cause concern for a minority of parents (23 parents completed the survey in total) is bullying in school. We work incredibly hard to ensure that children feel safe in school and enjoy their time with us. This is clearly reflected in the responses to question 1 and 3. If you do have concerns about bullying, please remember that we will always tell children who feel they are victims that they must tell any adult they can at the earliest possibility so that we can start to put things right for them. Our Parent Council meetings take place on a half termly basis (dates in the school diary, or ask at the office) and this could be a good place to discuss any issues that you feel there may be in this area. 


Thank you once again for your continued support; should you wish to discuss any of the results please do come in for a chat,


Kind Regards

Jane Wilkinson (Head)