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The school opens at 8:15am for breakfast club, last entry is 8:30am. Children need to enter school at 8:45am ready to start lessons at 8:55am. Y3/4 enter via the side gate, Y5/6 by the main entrance. Please check the Key Information tab on a regular basis for updated risk assessments. Thank you for your continued support, Mrs. Lakey.

Mini Police

St. Francis Mini Police


At St. Francis we are proud to be apart of the Durham Constabulary Mini Police. Being a part of the Mini Police involves several important responsibilities and duties inside and outside of school. Having Mini Police at St. Francis allows our children to engage with their communities, increases the confidence of our children and attempts to remove any barriers between policing and children. Our children love volunteering for Mini Police. This allows the children to take part in lots of different events and visits as you can see below. 

Mini Police visit Spennymoor Custody Suite (Part 2) - 29.11.19

29.11.19 - St. Francis Mini Police Visit the Spennymoor Custody Suite (Part 2!)


Today our remaining St. Francis Mini Police had a visit to the Spennymoor Custody Suite. The children were able to see the police cells, interview suite, shower facilities and the reception where people who are arrested are processed. The children were able to ask lots of questions. These are some of the things our Mini Police had to say about the custody suite visit, 


"There is a material like carpet on the walls so nobody can listen to the interviews."


"There is no toilet roll in the custody cells in case someone tries to flood the room!"


"The food looked awful!"

Mini Police Visit to the Spennymoor Custody Suite - 15.11.19

15.11.19 - The St. Francis Mini Police visit Spennymoor Custody Suite!


Our Mini Police have had our visit to a real police custody suite. We learnt all about the process of what happens when someone is arrested and taken into custody. The Mini Police found out about:


  • What clothes you are given
  • Food you are given to eat
  • How someone is searched
  • What a custody suite cell looks like
  • How finger prints are taken
  • What the interview room looks like 


Our Mini Police had the opportunity to ask lots of questions to the staff at the custody suite. Some of the questions we asked included, 


"What are all the blue lights around the walls and floors?" - The blue lights in the custody suite were used by the staff in case of an emergency. We weren't allowed to touch them!


"What is on the walls of the interview room?" - The walls of the interview room were covered in a material that made the room soundproof, so nobody cam hear the interview when walking past. 


We had a brilliant time. 




Jet and Ben visit St. Francis - 07.11.19

07.11.19 - When Jet and Ben came to visit St. Francis!


Today Jet and Ben have been in school with their dog handler PCSO Claire Kerr. Claire shared with us the importance of being aware of stranger danger and how to keep safe during the dark winter nights. She also shared with us the roles of police dogs Jet and Ben and other dogs like them who work with Durham Constabulary.


PCSO Claire Kerr's tips for staying safe during the winter nights:

  • Wear bright colours so you are visible 
  • Only walk home on lit pathways and streets 
  • If walking home from school, walk straight home and don't make any stops 
  • Don't talk to any strangers!


This is what our children had to say:


"I felt really excited when Jet and Ben came to visit, because they were trained to remain calm". 


"I learnt how to keep safe on the dark nights and not to wear all dark clothing". 

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