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"To be the best we can be"

We hope you have a lovely summer break! We return to school on the 5 September starting at 08:15am breakfast club.


'Brilliant Club' Durham University

St Francis School Choir singing at Lindesfarne Care Home

St Francis’ School Choir raising money in town.

Y6 Iron Age Tribal Coins and Skeleton Science

Y5 Iron Age Tribal Coins and Skeleton Science

Y5 Pre-history Gallery Session

Year 5 used the Museum Gallery to explore life from 7500BC until 1066AD. 

Y6 Pre-historic handling session

Year 6 learnt about everyday life by exploring objects and discussing their use. The objects were very,very old and came from the Iron Age, Stone Age and Bronze Age. Some were really gross. For example, they used animal fat for candles and there was a stone knife used for skinning animals. (Kayla)

Our first day as journalists!

Year 5 - Young Journalists Academy


Today has been the start of an exciting adventure for Year 5, working with John Jerreries from the YJA.

As the children entered school this morning, instead of the average class day, Year 5 entered the world of journalism. At the beginning of the day, we re-introduced ourselves to each other, by sharing our passions and interests. This led us onto interviewing skills, where the children had to find out two facts and a lie. The rest of the class participated, using investigative skills to work out the lie. 

Just before the lunchtime, the children started to research into Fake News, and the reasons for their views. This led us to sum-up the day with understanding more about news articles, how news is spread and our adventures into article writing.

The articles will be created throughout this academic year. 


Welcome to the gallery celebrating achievements and events in school!

Autumn Art Work


Media Day Podcast- St Francis and Star Radio