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St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School

"To be the best we can be"

We will be returning to HOT MEALS on Monday (28th). Please see the new risk assessment and if you would like your child to have a hot meal from 05.10.2020, then please let the office know on

Behaviour Policy - (By children, for children)

In St Francis we don't allow children to behave as they want, we have a certain rules. Children are good and we get rewards like dance mats and attendance treats. If you are naughty you get consequences.



In St Francis we have different strategies to improve behaviour. We have Time Outs. We do something which is called a tracker. When you are naughty you get three warnings and after that you get Time Out. These are written on the tracker. When you get the third one you're given a yellow warning card. You have to put this by your name in the 'Good to be Green' chart.


The first Time Out is called Time Out A, then a Time Out B and then a Time Out C. A Time Out A is when you sit on a desk by yourself for ten minutes without disturbing the people around you. You have to put a red card by your name in the 'Good to be Green' chart and you miss a playtime. Your parents are phoned so they know you've broken the rules. If you do you get on a Time Out B and that is when you get sent to another classroom to a member of staff for fifteen minutes and you miss two playtimes. Again you parents are phoned. When you get back to class if you are still silly you have to go to the Head Teacher for a Time Out C. You will have to stay in at playtimes and lunchtimes.


Written by Layla (Y6)