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What will happen if staff think my child has extra needs?

Teachers will contact you if your child is having difficulty in one or more areas and will decide with you, on what will happen to help them catch up. Regular meetings and feedback will ensure that staff and parental expertise is used in order to remove barriers to learning and assist children in making progress. Meetings will also take place with your child so that they can contribute and take ownership of catch-up work and their targets (outcomes).


Teachers may ask you to complete specific work with your child at home for up to 6 weeks to see if we can help them catch up. This may be all that is needed.


Children who continue to need extra support with their learning will be given extra targets (outcomes) and support in order to help them meet their targets (outcomes). These will be written by the SENCO, parents and class teacher. Older pupils will be asked to help set their targets (outcomes) too. Children will be given a SEND Support Plan. This outlines what will be put into place for that child to help them progress. Parents will be kept up to date with their progress in termly progress reports and meetings. In addition at least two meetings a year will take place with the SENCO to review the SEND Support Plan.


SEND Support plan targets cover some or all of the areas below:

  • Communication and interaction needs.
    Support is provided by a wide range of staff in school for this area of need.
  • Cognition and learning needs
    Support is mainly provided during lessons to address targets on a child's SEND Support Plan.
  • Social, emotional and mental health difficulties
    Our Social Learning Mentor provides key support for children with social, emotional and metal health difficulties as identified in the child's SEND Support Plan.
  • Sensory or physical needs

     Support is provided in a wide variety of ways across the school day.


The school enjoys good working relationships with a wide range of people who provide services to children with SEND and their families, particularly when a child is demonstrating further cause for concern or their learning need is more complex and persistent.


The external specialists may:

  • Act in an advisory capacity
  • Extend expertise of school staff
  • Provide additional assessment
  • Support a child directly
  • Suggest statutory assessment is advisable
  • Consult with all parties involved with the child


If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements please contact the school and we will try our best to help you.