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St Francis Church of England Aided Junior School

"To be the best we can be"

Thank you to all the mini police who were such wonderful role models at the "Observance for the Commonwealth" event in Durham last Wednesday. They were all an absolute credit to the school!! Y6 -PLEASE REMEMBER to do a "little and often" in your home revision sessions. Rest and time with your family are also important. Thank you!! MrsW

Social Learning Mentor

Emma is here to make everyone happy.  She helps children, staff and parents have the right to a happy day and helps everyone when they have a problem.  Sometimes we are responsible for not letting ourselves have the right to a happy day or a good education and Emma helps us to see this and put it right. 

Emma's office is opposite Mrs Wilkinsons and she shares it with Mrs Lakey.  You won't find her there very often though as Emma loves to play with everyone so is always with the children during breakfast club, lunch and break times.

If parents have a problem they can come in and speak to Emma either at the coffee mornings or by making an appointment.  No problem is too big for her...she will smile and help you out. 
Emma also helps us to develop social skills and motor skills in the group sessions she teaches. 

From two of Emma's groupies.