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We have now started the school Easter holidays. We will be back in on Tuesday 23rd April, breakfast club will be open as normal from 8:15am.

If my child needs a SEND Support Plan or EHC Plan what will happen?

If a decision is made to implement a SEND Support plan or you child has an EHC Plan the following things will happen.


  • You will be asked to meet with the SENDCo to discuss their current achievements and set outcomes (targets) for your child's educational (and possibly social and health) needs. These targets will be agreed with your child and their class teacher.
  • The plan will detail what will be put into place for your child so that they have the best chance of achieving their targets. This will then be implemented across school.
  • Staff working with your child will record their progress over the next 6-12 weeks, depending on the time scale we have agreed.
  • At least twice a year you will meet with the SENDCo,  and you will have termly progress meetings with the class teacher and any other adults involved in the implementation of your child's plan. You will find out their achievements and set the next outcomes (targets) for your child.
  • This is called the assess , plan, do, review cycle. It is important as part of this cycle that we make sure the provision to achieve the outcomes is effective. We will evaluate this by looking at your findings and the feedback from staff regarding your child's outcomes based on teacher feedback from observations, work in their books and formal assessments.
  • Assess a child’s special educational needs
  • Plan the provision to meet your child’s aspirations and agreed outcomes
  • Do put the provision in place to meet those outcomes
  • Review the support and progress